Chamber Chat with Daniel Barry

June 28, 2022 - 1:00am

Chamber Chat with Daniel Barry

Finally, Logistics and Supply chain gets its day in the sun

You’ll often meet me at a chamber ambassador or networking group banging the drum for logistics and supply chain, how great the industry is and often the unsung hero of the current global operation. I no longer now must bang so loud, and whilst painfully I recognise that the recent pandemic threw supply chain into the spotlight, for both the wrong and right reasons, I am so incredibly happy that this ever-growing diverse industry is finally a primary topic in business, and individuals minds.

To put some statistics to it; the drive of both manufacturing and online sales has seen the number of UK businesses classed as transport and storage premises grow 88% higher than 2011, and 21% higher than 2019. Not only that, in the most recent surveys taken to underpin the governments push to “change your role”. Logistics and supply chain saw a 38% increase in workforce coming from other sectors. By comparison, the service industry sadly took a 54% dip.

What’s important here is I believe a passion of mine and North Stars’ challenge to move the perception of people who talk about, and maybe even want to work in the industry, usually has the stance of “it’s just trucks, sheds and boxes”, has clearly started to turn with a generation. Understanding that to click on a website at 9pm at night and receive the latest and greatest fad to your door next day, not only takes the latest in innovation, automation, and great thinking behind the scenes; its also (dare I say it) quite cool.

We are not by any means a recruitment company, but I encourage anyone who wants to know more about the industry across Lancaster and District and beyond, to come and see me and my drum at the next meeting.


Daniel is Director and Co-Founder of North Star. North Star are Chamber Ambassador members.