Why Exhibit at the North Lancs Expo – 24th & 25th September

June 08, 2017 - 9:00am

Why Exhibit at the North Lancs Expo – 24th & 25th September

The North Lancashire Expo offers exhibitors a unique opportunity as a chance to meet the areas most diverse gathering of business owners, decision makers and entrepreneurs. It targets high-achieving companies from all sectors and from all sections of the community.

As a business-to-business and business-to-consumer event, the Expo enables exhibitors to engage with customers who are attending with the specific intention of making new contacts.

In addition, this is an Expo with a “twist”. As a two-day event, running over a Sunday and a Monday, the emphasis with being “Present. Future” so the children, youth and families visiting on the Sunday may be your future customers and employees in the future, or even today. The area suffers a skills retention problem anyway so nurture them when they are young and show them the exciting industries the district has to offer.

Not only do exhibitions generate more sales leads than any other sales tool apart from companies’ own websites, but they also close sales effectively, help maximise your future pipeline and speed up the sales process. Even in the Internet age, when information is easier to come by, you’re more likely to secure a deal face-to-face at an exhibition.

Exhibitions work harder for your marketing budget than any other media. Only at an exhibition can you generate direct sales while simultaneously enhancing your brand image, launching new products, researching your market, building your prospect databases AND maintaining relationships with your existing customers.

The main reasons buyers attend Expos is a) to make new contacts, b) meet established contacts and c) look for new ideas / updating inspiration

There are many excellent business reasons to take a stand, or sponsorship, at the North Lancashire Expo:

It’s a cost-effective and an affordable way of engaging with new customers.

It’s a very time-efficient way to meet hundreds of interested businesses, and future customers and employees in just two days.

An expo is very productive and great opportunity to network with potential clients, suppliers, partners and investors. It will help cement commercial relationships and build new ones. An Expo allows you to pick up new ideas and trends, and also see what your competitors are doing.

Focused on the North Lancashire business community and surrounding areas, an Expo can be very targeted, but we’re not forgetting the wider audiences, or even the international side of things.

It will be popular with over 3,000 visitors expected at the Expotorium at Lancaster Brewery.

Don’t forget that there will be many new buyers/visitors, not only from the district but around the country who you will not have had the chance to make contact with before. If you are not there, they may never find out about your organisation. In addition, The Bay Radio and In The Bay are the major media sponsors ensuring maximum media coverage across the area and in Cumbria.

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