Nublue Go Agile

August 24, 2017 - 9:00am

Nublue Go Agile

Magento experts Nublue have recently implemented a new ‘Agile’ way of working with their e-commerce clients. The move comes following the agency’s recent acquisition of Lakeland veteran, Andrew Bailey as the team’s new Production Manager.

Having used the traditional ‘Waterfall’ process to manage projects since the company’s early days in 2005, the move to becoming a Scrum Agile agency marks a notable change for the business. Key in overseeing the transition was the team’s new Production Manager, Andrew Bailey, former Web Development Producer for household name Lakeland. Bringing over 10 years’ experience using ‘Agile’ principles to the business, Andrew was delighted to steer the team towards a fresh, more collaborative and flexible way of working:

“The opportunity to work with such a creative and innovative team was one I was very excited about, and I’m thrilled to be able to utilise my experience with Agile and steer the business towards a new way of working – one that I’ve had huge success with in the past.”

The Nublue team hopes this new approach will achieve greater transparency and more collaborative working relationships with their clients. The adaptable process involves splitting the work into manageable, segments (called sprints) which can then be prioritised based on the client’s evolving needs and budget.

Andrew continues to explain one of the key benefits of the new ‘Agile’ approach:

“‘Failing fast’ is - for me, one of the key benefits to the Agile way of working. By using iterative sprints, the product is reviewed and optimised at each stage. This means any issues or problems that arise are found quickly and rectified without impacting on later stages of the project.”

This new and improved way of working has enabled Nublue to offer a revamped retainer service and new high-profile clients such as Inov-8 and The Tattoo Shop, amongst others, are now benefitting from the Agile approach.