Local BIDs Improving Together

April 07, 2017 - 9:00am

Local BIDs Improving Together

Lancaster and Morecambe Business Improvement Districts (BID) have organised a North West BID meeting. There are now over 200 BIDs in the country, with many on their second and third renewals. Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have different priorities, dependent on their area’s needs, however the broad aims for a BID is to; increase footfall, area promotion and assisting in dealing with the Council, Police and other public bodies. BIDs lets businesses decide and direct what they want for the area and unlike business rates, BID levy money is ring-fenced for use in the BID area only.

The North West BID meeting has been organised due to the development and growth of successful BIDs in the area. This will allow BID managers to share their experiences of working within the unique organisation which a BID is.

Lancaster BID Manager Rachael Wilkinson said: “Although the towns and cities in which our BIDs operate are very different, some of the challenges we face are the same. By working together and sharing resources and skills, we are hoping that all areas involved will be able to benefit from shared knowledge.”

Morecambe BID Manager John O’Neill said: "Whilst BIDs operate across the country, and are very successful in general, often times national issues don't reflect on a local scale. By getting a number of the local BIDs together, we can share our experiences and help promote the local regions as a unified voice. For example, whilst Morecambe and Lancaster BIDs are only three miles apart we don't compete in terms of what we offer so it make sense to work collaboratively, rather than in competition. This also includes the scheduling of festivals and events."

Meeting attendees will include Rachael Wilkinson- Lancaster BID Manager, John O’Neill- Morecambe BID Manager, Harriet Roberts- Blackburn BID Manager, Geraldine Thompson- Skipton BID Director and Consultant, Phil Collier- Barrow BID Manager and Chris Nelson-Ulverston BID Chair.