Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and the University of Central Lancashire Productivity Study

September 21, 2017 - 9:00am

Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and the University of Central Lancashire  Productivity Study

Productivity lies at the heart of everything we do. If we can do things more efficiently as a business or economy, we can produce more and earn more.

Lancashire Enterprise Partnership has commissioned the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to conduct research into how best to boost productivity in Lancashire. This will involve learning from businesses about examples of best practice, but also potential barriers that prevent or frustrate the ability for businesses to grow and become more productive.

The results of this work will be made freely available to all businesses who participate in this project, both through the offer of a free copy of the main findings and an invitation to a free talk that the project team will deliver when the project has been completed.

In order for the research to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible, it is critical that as many businesses as possible, from the local area, contribute to our understanding of the factors which can encourage, or discourage, growth and productivity.
UCLan would be most grateful if you could help this work by taking part in the survey. Your contribution will help shape the future of Lancashire.

The survey has been designed to be completed by an owner or manager of the business, who has overview or responsibility for performance and strategy.

In addition, the survey has been designed to take no longer than an average 10 minutes to complete. All responses are strictly confidential and no persons nor firms will be identified (or indirectly identifiable) in the final published report.

If you have any questions about the content of the survey or for any technical queries, please contact Val Moon email or call us on 07713 740 648.

Once again, we hope that you are able to assist the productivity project and UCLan wish to thank you, in advance, for your time.

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