JWK Solicitors offer cutting edge Cyber Risk package

February 04, 2016 - 12:00am

JWK Solicitors offer cutting edge Cyber Risk package

Lancaster firm JWK Solicitors have announced the launch of a new Cyber Risk Insurance service, incorporating Cyber Risk Insurance provided by Reid Hamilton Insurance Brokers, designed to protect businesses against the growing threat of cyberattack.

The JWK and Reid Hamilton Employer Protection Scheme, already offers employer protection insurance, and they have now decided to add Cyber Risk Insurance (CRI) to their protection services portfolio following the publication of Government figures which show an alarmingly high instance of UK cyber security breaches.

60% of small businesses, and 81% of larger businesses in the UK, suffered a cyber security breach during 2014. The Government figures also suggest that of the 52% of businesses who believe they have existing cover against a cyber breach, less than 10% actually do. This leaves those unprotected businesses open to myriad, potentially devastating, consequences.

But not all cyber risk comes in the form of an attack. Security threats can come from within the business itself. Malware, phishing scams, the use of corrupted devices, or simple human error could all result in the loss of data and ability to trade.

Cyber risk is a very real threat, affecting businesses of all types and size. Yet it is a risk that many traditional policies simply do not address. The JWK and Reid Hamilton CRI service is designed to bridge that gap, providing comprehensive protection and remedial action should a breach occur.

For more information, or to discuss your business' own cyber risk requirements simply call 01524 598300 for JWK Solicitors or 01524 39939 for Reid Hamilton, for a free no obligation chat to see how they can help your business.