Chamber Chat - Josh Rooney

June 29, 2017 - 9:00am

Chamber Chat - Josh Rooney

The push for a wider range and more efficient education has been accomplished in the past few years with more options for students becoming available. Recently we have seen a big step up in the interest for apprenticeships from both students and employers as well as the traineeship programme which entails six weeks’ unpaid work for learners to get an idea about the working world.

We have also seen Lancaster and Morecambe College announced its first full degree programme in music production. Not to forget that from 2015 all school leavers must stay in further education until they are 18. This really has made an impact on student’s departure from school, as it did with me, without this new law I would not have had the opportunities to get to where I am today.

Just like I was myself most soon to be school leavers don’t really feel confident enough to make a decision on what they wish to partake after their school years, so we often find parents being a big influence on this highly important decision. Luckily enough on Sunday the 24th September, The North Lancashire Expo will be hosting to local giants such as Lancaster Morecambe College, Lancaster University, The University of Cumbria and many more, including around 100 local and regional employers for our Business to Community day.

Held at Lancaster Brewery, representatives from the above will be on hand and foot to answer all questions from the public; this is a perfect opportunity for next year’s school leavers to find out exactly what opportunity’s they have and what paths are open to them. Be sure not to miss out on this one off chance to greater your knowledge on the options out there. The day is free of charge to attend; more information can be seen at